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The Auto Clinic

JamisonAutoClinic.com Goes Live!

May 16, 2011adminBlog, Featured0

Welcome to The Auto Clinic’s new website. We encourage you to look around our new site and see what we can do for you. Our company offers many services, one being a postcard service that helps remind you of service dates and helps you keep up with the maintenance of your vehicle. To check out this site please Click Here. When you create a login you will be able to have access to your records. One of the many benefits of being our customer.

Rob meets Chip Foose

April 10, 2011adminBlog0

Robbie sings his hatWe have been blessed to have the privilege of meeting hundreds of people in the industry and sharing our stories and experiences with one another. In 2005, we had the opportunity to attend the NAPA Expo Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Through the large crowds and hundreds of businesses, we had the opportunity in meeting OverHaul-en Television Star Chip Foose. For many, Chip Foose is not a house hold name, But in the automotive world Chip Foose is to cars as Michael Jorden is to Basketball. He was featured on the television series called OverHaul-en on the Discovery Channel. A show in which he restored vehicles into art in a seven day period. Chip is a fantastic person and has a extreme amount of talent and creativity in rebuilding and customizing a variety of automobiles. It was such a impactful moment for us to be able to talk with him and have him be so real and personable. What an amazing moment when Chip took Robbie’s Jamison Auto Clinic hat and personally signed it. Such a great memory!!!!