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Equipment | The Auto Clinic
The Auto Clinic

Pegisys Scanner

April 14, 2011adminEquipment0

Meet Pegisys – the most advanced hand-held aftermarket scan tool available – it’s designed to give you more freedom to work productively. Pegisys Scan Tool provides over 27 years of vehicle coverage (1980-2007) for 44 different vehicle makes from over 25 different manufacturers. The Pegisys is capable of flashing the computer on the vehicle and pulling up codes when a warning light comes on. This tool is heavily relied on in the Automotive industry, it gives the Technician the ability to communicate with the vehicle’s computer system. It comes preloaded with expanded Scan (Pathfinder™) and Scope (Info Tech™) diagnostics, Repair-Trac™ Tech Tips, Automated System Test™, includes large screen touch control, Speed Scroll™ thumb pads, built-in 2-channel scope, audio and video capability and so much more. Vehicle Communications Interface (VCI) links wireless to the host device. Technicians can scan the vehicle from anywhere within a 30-foot radius.

Hoffman Geo Liner 660 Wheel Aligner

April 10, 2011adminEquipment0

Hoffman’s new Geo liner 660 Image Wheel Aligner allows users to set up readings in under 2 minutes and to complete more alignments in less time. The Geo liner 660:Has non-electronic wheel sensor targets that eliminate calibrations and comes with wheel sensor maintenance and cables. Includes multi-processor cameras and VODI™ (Vehicle Orientation Directional Indicator) Graphic Display that provides visual and directional assistance to the operator during alignment measurements. Has left and right direction arrows show the direction the wheels are turning. Has up and down direction arrows indicate vehicle movement direction during positioning/rollback. Offers an easy to use operator interface which reveals the advanced diagnostic program that walks the technician through to completion. Has a multi-level camera boom, a universal wheel clamp and graphic custom printouts. Features exclusive cutting edge alignment diagnostic tools.

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Hunter TXC 535 Tire Changer

April 10, 2011adminEquipment0

The new SmartWeight balancer and Hunter TCX535 tire changer has done a great job here at Jamison Auto Clinic. The units have increased productivity, profits, and lessened the chance of damaging expensive tires & rims. These Hunter products are well made and I’m sure will give us a great return on our investment over the next ten years. Continue reading →

Hunter GSP9700 Balancer

April 10, 2011adminEquipment0

General Motors Company has named Hunter Engineering Company’s GSP9700 Balancer the only approved balancer for GM Dealerships.

High customer satisfaction scores require a smooth driving feel on all road surfaces. Tire-related shaking and vibration problems can be difficult and time consuming to diagnose and correct. These disturbances are caused by three distinct variables: imbalance, out-of-round conditions, and tire force variation. Hunter Engineering’s patented Road Force GSP9700 Balancer is the only wheel balancer in the industry that can identify and solve these shaking and vibration problems.

Hunter’s Road Force GSP9700 Balancer simulates how the wheel actually performs on the vehicle by applying up to 1,250 lbs. of force over the entire tire/rim assembly. With its patented sensors, Hunter’s balancer pinpoints the lowest point of a rim (for runout) and the stiff area of a tire’s sidewall under load (for radial force variation). Then the patented software automatically determines how the assembly can be match-mounted to offer the best ride quality.

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