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Hoffman Geo Liner 660 Wheel Aligner | The Auto Clinic
The Auto Clinic

Hoffman Geo Liner 660 Wheel Aligner

April 10, 2011adminEquipment0

Hoffman’s new Geo liner 660 Image Wheel Aligner allows users to set up readings in under 2 minutes and to complete more alignments in less time. The Geo liner 660:Has non-electronic wheel sensor targets that eliminate calibrations and comes with wheel sensor maintenance and cables. Includes multi-processor cameras and VODI™ (Vehicle Orientation Directional Indicator) Graphic Display that provides visual and directional assistance to the operator during alignment measurements. Has left and right direction arrows show the direction the wheels are turning. Has up and down direction arrows indicate vehicle movement direction during positioning/rollback. Offers an easy to use operator interface which reveals the advanced diagnostic program that walks the technician through to completion. Has a multi-level camera boom, a universal wheel clamp and graphic custom printouts. Features exclusive cutting edge alignment diagnostic tools.

Hofmann’s 4-Post Alignment Lift offers 18,000 lbs. of lifting capability and a lifting system that provides for high-wear resistance and a smooth gliding operation. The 18K 4-Post Alignment Lift features 21 positions for maximum flexibility.

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