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Pegisys Scanner | The Auto Clinic
The Auto Clinic

Pegisys Scanner

April 14, 2011adminEquipment0

Meet Pegisys – the most advanced hand-held aftermarket scan tool available – it’s designed to give you more freedom to work productively. Pegisys Scan Tool provides over 27 years of vehicle coverage (1980-2007) for 44 different vehicle makes from over 25 different manufacturers. The Pegisys is capable of flashing the computer on the vehicle and pulling up codes when a warning light comes on. This tool is heavily relied on in the Automotive industry, it gives the Technician the ability to communicate with the vehicle’s computer system. It comes preloaded with expanded Scan (Pathfinder™) and Scope (Info Tech™) diagnostics, Repair-Trac™ Tech Tips, Automated System Test™, includes large screen touch control, Speed Scroll™ thumb pads, built-in 2-channel scope, audio and video capability and so much more. Vehicle Communications Interface (VCI) links wireless to the host device. Technicians can scan the vehicle from anywhere within a 30-foot radius.

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